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Every music lover knows that 2pac is not just a name but the name of a legend. Many rappers have come and gone without lasting long in the limelight,this is what makes tupac different from any other rapper in history. Even after death his music speaks alive,little wonder Obie Trice said that 2pac lives to infinity.
  I am a crazy fan of 2pac Amaru Shakure,i know that their are others like me.this is why i made a blog just for the immortal leagend who crossed over in 1996. Tupac's Background,Lifestyle,music and lyrics is written.


 Tupac's Birth name was Lesane Parish Crook,he was renamed Tupac Amaru Shakur in 1972 by his mum Afeni Shakur after Tupac Amaru,an Inca who was sentenced to death by spaniards. Tupac Amaru is an Inca language which means "shining serpent". Born on 16 June 1971 in East Harlem,Manhattan,New York,USA. His height is 5"11'. His nickname was Makaveli after he read a book about Makavella in the prison.
  Tupac grew up in Harlem.In 1984,his family relocated to Baltimore,Maryland. After 4 years his family moved to Oakland Carlifornia.
  He was offered a contract at the age of 13,however his mother refused. His music career became succesful in 1991 as a member of a group Digital Underworld, in the same year his 1st album "2paclypse Now" was recognised but the album made him notorious because of references to cop killing and sexual violence. His acting career began in the late 1980's with apperence on tv series "A Different World". His movie career was recognised on 1992 with "Juice". In 1993 he co-starred with Janet Jackson in "Poetic Justice".

 He was hit by a four bullet while returing from Tyson vs Seldon fight in Las Vegas while riding in a car driven by Death Row Record chief executive. His right lung was removed in emergence Surgery and after six days in coma he died.


Tupac Shakur was undoutedly one of the most succesful MC's of all times.Even after his death,he has a total of 67 million records worldwide making him the highest selling rap/hiphop artist of all times.He was a great poet and his theory of life infulenced his fans.Tupac is listed as the 86th Rock and Roll artist off all times by Rolling Stone. He was a good friend of M.C Hammer who also is in oakland.
Tupac album sold 38million copies in the USA alone.According to Guinesss book of world record,he is the highest selling rap/hip hop artist.In 2005 Rolling stone magazine vote,Tupac was named number 6 of 100 immortal artist of all times behind the likes of Elvis ang Lennon.He was the first rap/hiphop artist in history to have a wax model of himself set to be placed in Madamme Tussauds in las Vagas. Appeared on fobes as the "top earning dead celebrities"

Please leave comments on Tupac musics you love most and lyrics if you have any.
Here is my favorite
 Black cotton  (3x)
Symbol for unrewarded struggle
Gosple tale, getto gospel that is,
Black black cotton in Gods eyes (speak)
 Black cotton stay streesed speaking west count my blessings glances in section ,the worse question is the first question ,why do we work like slaves,sweating blades to an early grave never got paid but still we slave in the none trade.Answer that then answer this too.Gods gonna get you ,you know is true like some bitch true.
You better back tracking try and act blacking in life not to be funny,in positive do all be negative. whats the matter Gee,black cat got your tongue fat,track got your strong now you hor. Do you feel me, domdom dee dee is it me or tempt to reach each and every brother on the street,is no peace in at least lets get them peace am tired of seeing bodies on the street disease,looking to my high school years book,remense and the tears as the years too, one hommie, two hommie boous,we used to have troops but now their is no more used to shoot .God come save the mercy cotton,lost getto souls are black cotton.