Sunday, December 20, 2009

Please leave comments on Tupac musics you love most and lyrics if you have any.
Here is my favorite
 Black cotton  (3x)
Symbol for unrewarded struggle
Gosple tale, getto gospel that is,
Black black cotton in Gods eyes (speak)
 Black cotton stay streesed speaking west count my blessings glances in section ,the worse question is the first question ,why do we work like slaves,sweating blades to an early grave never got paid but still we slave in the none trade.Answer that then answer this too.Gods gonna get you ,you know is true like some bitch true.
You better back tracking try and act blacking in life not to be funny,in positive do all be negative. whats the matter Gee,black cat got your tongue fat,track got your strong now you hor. Do you feel me, domdom dee dee is it me or tempt to reach each and every brother on the street,is no peace in at least lets get them peace am tired of seeing bodies on the street disease,looking to my high school years book,remense and the tears as the years too, one hommie, two hommie boous,we used to have troops but now their is no more used to shoot .God come save the mercy cotton,lost getto souls are black cotton.

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